On behalf of the Berkshire Community Association, Inc. and the residents of the Berkshire Community, the Board of Directors welcomes you to our neighborhood.  The following information packet is provided so that you may enjoy the services and amenities available exclusively to the Berkshire residents.


Berkshire Community Association, Inc.



The Berkshire Community Association, Inc. (the “Association”) has been formed as a means of assuring the perpetual or continued maintenance and upkeep of Berkshire Community subdivision, to provide for the uniform development and enforcement of deed restrictions, and to ultimately protect property values.  The Association has been created to manage and provide certain services which are not available to county residents.  Currently, these services include enforcement of deed restrictions, operation of street lights, general maintenance and landscaping of our entry and all common areas, recreation center and parking area, contracting for operation of our swimming pool and mosquito abatement.


The Board of Directors has hired Inframark Management Services to provide accounting and administrative services to Berkshire CAI.  In addition, Inframark handles communication with all of our service contractors, maintenance fees, and deed restriction monitoring and architectural reviews.  All Association correspondence should be sent to:


Berkshire Community Association, Inc.

c/o Inframark.

 2002 W. Grand Parkway N. Suite 100

Katy, Texas 77449

(281) 870-0585

Use E Mail Form






Water and sewer services are provided by Harris County Municipal Utility District (MUD) #276.  This is an entity that is organized under the rules and guidelines of the State of Texas to provide water and sewer services to the district serving the residents of Berkshire Community.


Trash Collection/Recycling



To start or stop trash pick-up at your home, call Waste Management at (713) 686-6666.  Trash pick-up is managed and paid for through your MUD District.  Scheduled trash pick-up days are Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Heavy trash is picked up on Saturday. Your household trash should be properly placed by the curb by 7 a.m. on pick-up days to ensure proper pick-up.  Please do not store trash bags or trash cans in public view.


Emergency Services



In case of fire, or life and death threat or crime in progress, call 911.  When you dial 911, your phone number and address will automatically appear on the dispatcher's screen and the proper unit is dispatched immediately.  All other problems should be directed to the Sheriff's Department at (713) 221-6000.  Repeat and spell the name of the subdivision and your street name.  This aids the dispatcher in correctly locating the subdivision.


Deed Restrictions



Each resident (owner or tenant) has agreed to abide by the recorded deed restrictions when purchasing (or leasing) a home in Berkshire.  These restrictions are a means of providing legal protection of your investment.  Periodically, our management company and directors visually review the subdivision, noting all violations and investigating concerns of neighbors relating to deed restriction violations.  All noted violations are acted upon by a procedure set forth in the covenants and restrictions and may escalate to the point of legal action if the problems are not corrected.  Should you encounter any concerns regarding deed restrictions, contact our management company, Planned Community Management, Inc. (PCMI) at (281) 870-0585.


Architectural Review


Controls on all building and/or improvements are necessary to eliminate many unforeseen problems to homeowners and to maintain the continuity of the neighborhood.  Prior to any exterior building, repairs or improvements, all plans, specifications and a copy of your lot survey indicating the location of your proposed improvement(s), along with an ARC form, should be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee for approval.  This includes exterior painting, replacement of fences, patios, pools, landscaping, room additions, etc.  For details, direct your inquiries to your Project Manager at Inframark at (281) 870-0585.



Welcoming Committee



As data is received by the Association, volunteers are organized to assist in providing a warm welcome to new Berkshire Owners.  If you would like to volunteer to serve on this committee, please contact Inframark.




Swimming Pools



Maintenance fees must be paid in full each year in order to gain access to the community pool amenities.  Pool tags are available at the pool in May.  Pool Memos will be sent to your residence each year regarding the pool schedule and other information.


Pool season is tied to the school year and may change from year-to-year. 



Security Committee


If you are interested in serving as a Block Captain to help facilitate community communications and would like to take part in the Community Awareness program, please contact Inframark to volunteer!