Swimming Pool Rules

Pool Registration Tags - see Library for form.


Tennis Courts

Courts for tennis only.  First come, first served.  Be considerate.


Maintenance fees must be paid in full each year in order to gain access to the community pool and other amenities.


Pool Registration


Come to the pool with your registration form and a valid ID or utility bill with your Berkshire address, and pick up  your pool tags at the times listed on the home page of this website.


The pool tags are bright pink.  If you need to replace any tags there is a $5 per tag charge. 


YOU MUST COMPLETE THE POOL REGISTRATION FORM BEFORE COMING TO THE POOL.  You may be turned away if you do not have the completed form.  For blank POOL REGISTRATION forms go to our website and click on “Library’, then on the form name.   Please download the form, then print it and complete it before coming to pick up your stickers.  That will save all of us a lot of time.


Your account with Berkshire must be COMPLETELY PAID, including any late charges.  So if you paid your annual maintenance fee but it was received after January 31, the accrued interest charges must be paid too, before you come to pick up stickers.  If you just paid up recently, you may need proof of such payments.


Volunteers can help.  If you can spare an hour or two on one or both of the registration days, send an email to Michael Quast, our property manager at   Just put “I will help” on the subject line, and provide your phone number so we can get in touch with you.  It’s actually fun meeting our neighbors, especially when the effort is shared and lines are shorter.